Training & Events

The Crawford Group runs a variety of training and Korn/Ferry Leadership Architect® certifications during the course of the year. We have students attend our training classes from the local Southern California area as well as from many other states, Canada and Mexico. Remember that we can also offer any of these classes or certifications at your local site, just let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to help.

NEW for 2016…

For the 2016 schedule we have tried something different with our scheduling based on customer feedback. We do a lot of classes “inside” organizations and we thought we would start to offer our most popular ones to the public this year. This enables smaller organizations who might not have enough people to train to justify their own private class – but who need/want to get the unique training that we offer.

There are many people who travel to us from out of state to attend our workshops, and feel that it would be more cost effective if they could attend more than one class at a time to maximize their travel dollars. This is a hard balance to strike because there is only so much a student can absorb at a single sitting. But we are adding a couple of shorter classes that run sequentially, so be sure to checkout our schedule by date to see if there is more than one course that you might like to take while you’re here.