Options for you

There are a variety of ways that we can help you…

  • Behind-the-scenes – Maybe you've just been promoted or moved into a new HR role and you're not up to speed with current HR terminology/processes OR maybe you're just spread too thin and would like some behind-the-scenes help to shorten your learning curve and make you look even more like a genius. We can help coach you and consult with you without any visibility.
  • Partnering – Many HR professionals want to partner with a consultant so they can have expert help, get up to speed on a process or tool quickly, and have the benefit of learning from the consultant over time. Partnering and "knowledge transfer" are what we frequently get asked to do. This also might include coaching or mentoring someone new to your staff.
  • Doing it for you – With the speed that many organizations are moving, sometimes you just need someone to come in and do it for you. Maybe you are short staffed, you don't have the capability that you need to do it, or you just need to move quickly…whether it's implementing a process, providing 360° feedback, coaching, conducting training, or facilitating a meeting or event. We have the expertise and the experience to handle almost anything. With no learning curve and a singular focus on your project, we can help you move from idea to implementation quickly. We offer conference presentations to all different sizes and types of groups, and we have a variety of "off the shelf" presentations we can present at staff meetings or off site meetings…for team building, interviewing with competencies training, or introducing new leaders to competencies – just to name a few. Our most popular presentation is "Why should I care?" – a presentation – suitable for any business group meeting or conference – which highlights the business case for why ANY organization would want to leverage the power of the Leadership Architect® Tools in their organization.
  • Certifications – We offer certifications in all of the Leadership Architect® tools and some additional popular workshops. You can attend one of our public certifications or workshops or we can come on-site and offer the standard version or one that is customized specifically for your organization. Either on-site options could be more cost effective – especially if you have multiple people to certify or that you would like to train.

It doesn't have to be just one way…many organizations use our

consulting and training capabilities in a combination of ways.


Contact Us to discuss your needs and what options might work best for you.