Individual Development

                                                                                                                              Ultimately, the success of the entire organization is the sum of all its individuals. Creating individual success starts with each person understanding his or her role. Individuals must then understand what competencies they have – and what competencies they will need in the future. Finally, the working environment must encourage each individual to constantly improve and develop.


The Crawford Group can help you to…

  • Support high potentials, high professionals, new leaders and new hires by helping them develop new competencies. A key strategy includes identifying effective and ineffective behaviors through feedback and coaching to help focus high performers on the most critical factors for their individual success.
  • Create future leaders – whether they are managers, team leaders or strong individual contributors– through a deep understanding of the competencies that drive success.
  • Create online systems that provide fast, comprehensive assessments and 360-degree feedback to create realistic development plans. Feedback can be provided in multiple languages.
  • Develop consistent and actionable development plans focused on behaviors.
  • Map an individual’s competencies against current job expectations to ensure the person is adequately set up for success.
  • Perform a gap analysis between an individual’s current skills and his or her development needs as a baseline for career growth.
  • Prioritize the list of required competencies, and assess the ability of each individual to learn new skills within the context of his or her working environment.
  • Identify realistic development opportunities that can be described in measurable steps of progress involving skill development beyond basic competencies.
  • Implement mini surveys to gauge the progress against new competencies that are the basis of development plans.

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