Coaching Services

Coaching for Development  Coaching for high potentials to help them understand what it will take to get to the next level of their development and assist them along the way. This could include 360° feedback facilitation and coaching.
Leadership Architect® Certification Re-Boot Coaching   You’ve been certified in a tool, maybe it was a long time ago, maybe it was only last month, but for whatever reason, you need a refresher, to learn new tools that are now part of the toolset on which you were certified, to get all those lingering questions answered, and/ or to get your confidence in its best shape. Since we certify individuals on all the Leadership Architect ® tools to begin with – that’s not a problem at all. It happens a lot more than you might think. This training can be for one person or for a small group from the same organization.
Coaching for Performance   Re-Railment coaching to help someone get back on track after a failure or less than desirable performance. This could include coaching to assist in their adapting to a different role.
Executive Coaching Generally used for high potentials, but could be used for others as well, who would most benefit from longer term, one-on-one work. This could include 360° feedback facilitation and coaching.
New Leader Assimilation Coaching  Helping the new leader and his/her team get off to a great start and speed up the time it takes for the new leader to be effective in their new role. Can be used as on-boarding coaching for a new individual contributor as well.
Executive/CEO Retirement Coaching  Many executives are defined by their job. Used to being a big fish in a small pond and having lots of power, things can be very different for them after retirement from that position – both professionally and personally. Skill shortfalls that were accepted or overlooked because of the power relationship they held in their previous role rarely get overlooked in another environment. This coaching helps the CEO/Executive understand how to adapt to their new role and life post retirement.
Special Event Coaching  Coaching for an individual or a team preparing for some special event…a new product launch, all employee meeting, lay-offs, etc.
All our coaching services are completely customized for your situation – taking into consideration a number of variables. Depending on the situation, some coaching sessions might be face-to-face and/or via phone. Please contact us to have us create a coaching process that will work for your unique situation at