What Our Clients Are Saying

COACHING FOR RESULTS:   “ I loved this. I have the tools and the knowledge now to be a much better coach for my employees ( and maybe even my kids – I can practice on them!) The tools are really good and easy to use! Thanks

COACHING FOR RESULTS:   “I always thought that I would never be able to be comfortable coaching my employees. I didn’t have the confidence and I didn’t have enough information. Even if I knew what they were lacking, explaining what it would look like when they were more skilled totally escaped me…never mind that I hadn’t a clue what to tell them to do to get more skilled. These tools are awesome and fill in all the things I felt like I was lacking. The practice in class really helped and made me feel I can do this and it gave me the confidence I thought I would never have. Thank you very much. I will be sending some other folks in my organization through this helpful class.”

SELECTING TALENT:  “I know the Interview Architect is not restricted anymore and that I don’t need to get certified in it, but I sure did need to be trained. My organization purchased some of these kits and though we’d give it a go without training…we got so messed up. I am so glad we took this train and learned how to use these tools correctly so we could get the most out of them…not to mention learn to break some old interviewing bad habits!! And it was really helpful to have  practice sessions in class . I am sending my whole HR staff through this class so we’re all on the same page when we launch this in our organization. Thanks you …it was great.”

SELECTING TALENT:  “ Everyone thinks they do a great job of interviewing – but they don’t. I was just okay at it before taking this class, but with these cool tools, and the training and practice…I know I am so much better. I know how to use the tools correctly and I now know how to focus on the things that matter in the interview. Thanks again”

LEADERSHIP ESSENTIALS CLASS: “This is the “everything class”. I walked in not knowing much at all about competencies or how to build them into our processes  – and I walked out with a whole lot of knowledge that I can put into practice right away. I’m the only HR person in a small organization and with this learning and these tools, I can leverage the same best-practices as the “big” organization – for a lot less $. And be a star with my boss!! I think I’ll be sending some of our managers to this as well. Thank you so much – this was great.”

LEADERSHIP ESSENTIALS CLASS:  “It was everything I wanted and more. I can’t wait to get back to my office and start using these tools. Thank you Lisa-this was just what I was looking for.”

“ Lisa’s wealth of knowledge and real life experience about how the tools can be implemented, along with how well she understands the learners (our) needs made this an invaluable learning experience…Thank you so much.”


“This experience has given me a lot more than just an understanding of the tools – it’s given me real insight about how to implement them in my organization and what I can expect to happen when I do. The other trainers don’t do that.”


“I wish we’d had more time to listen to all of Lisa’s insights about these processes….she knows so much and is so willing to share!”


“Lisa is a true practitioner who really knows how to drive the learning to a practical level. It was a great experience.”


“Lisa’ great instructional style and talents made all the difference. She definitely has a gift for “connecting all the dots” and her authenticity and sense of humor was a bonus. What a great experience.”


“These tools could really help guide our organization to reaching true organizational effectiveness.”


“Lisa’s did an excellent job of staying customer/learner focused and her vast HR/OD expertise and experience really helped me recognize potential “watch outs” for utilizing these tools in my new role.”


“I want to learn more…I want to take all the certifications and I ONLY want to take them with Lisa! WOW!”


“This material is the answer that my organization has been looking for – and Lisa is a learner’s dream – she make it all make sense, and prepares me for the next steps that gives me the confidence I needed so I can implement this in my organization. Thanks.”


“Lisa is amazing and provides real-world application that really made my understanding of the materials “click”. Lisa’s work with us has inspired me…thank you so much.”


“Lisa makes learning fun.”


“Lisa is an excellent trainer….what a great experience.”


“A true learning experience.”


“Lisa is so different from the other consultants we have used. She really partners with us to help us leverage the tools and knowledge that she has given us in the way that will make it most effective for OUR organization. It’s never a “cookie cutter“approach. She makes us all feel like she really cares about our success and is personally invested in it.”



“For most consultants it’s all about make the “sale”, the billable hours and the money….for Lisa it’s all about helping us learn to leverage the tools in the best way for us and she will stick with us until we are successful. She is worth much more than what she charges for her time”


“I think one of the biggest differences between the BIG consultants and consulting firms – and the smaller boutique, specialized firms like The Crawford Group, is the relationship. Lisa is very accessible, extremely customer- focused and very quick to pick up on what we need and how we’re feeling. She is not a sales-y consultant at all but a real partner for our success…she has broad-ranging insights and abilities and she is a joy to work with. I wish we had found her sooner…but she’s definitely ours now.”