Our Values

Customer Service

We are very proud of our reputation for superior customer service and have worked hard to earn it. We would love you to experience us first hand. We pride ourselves on taking the complex and making it more understandable for all – and our customers happily agree. We focus our energy on not just helping you inderstand the mechanics of the tools you can use to help your organization be more effective, but how to effectively implement them and to understand what you can expect to happen when you do. Real world experience for the real world.

Ethics and Integrity

Yes, this is a business and we do make money, but money is not what drives us or what motivates us to do what is right and what is right for our customers. We are in this business so we can help leaders and individuals and organizations learn what they need to know to be more effective, more competitive and ultimately more successful. Spend 5 minutes talking with Lisa, and you'll know that this is our passion.

Continuous Learning

We know how critical it is to be "learning agile". That holds true for us as well. We practice what we preach and are constantly in search of new learning and new learning opportunities from all kinds of sources. We are relentlessly seeking to improve. We are grateful to learn from every one of our clients as well as our colleagues and our competition, and we all pursue additional learning challenges every day. The world is constantly changing and through research we learn more and know more about leadership and the development of leaders all the time – we love what we do and we are eager to keep learning so we can improve ourselves and continue to share new knowledge with you.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is not something we just talk about…we actively work for the things we are passionate about. We have spent a lot of time and energy “greening” our consulting business and our everyday life practices. Our company vehicle is a hybrid, we are as paperless as we can be, the vast majority of our marketing and our communication is done electronically, we are fortunate to be located on the coast in Southern California and are minimally dependent on energy for heating and we depend on our lovely sea breezes for cooling, we use solar power, we recycle practically everything and we find creative ways to re-use just about everything else.

The environment, education, animal welfare and accessible healthcare are some of the causes that we are passionate about. A portion of our profits and our time is donated to these and other charitable causes.