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We are leadership development consultants specializing in helping all kinds and sizes of organizations identify and develop their talent - not just for today, but for tomorrow as well!

Talent Management is an investment…

These days organizations are continually challenged with making every dollar they spend really count. And world-class organizations know that investing in their talent is a key competitive differentiator. Does your organization have the capability that you need to achieve your strategy? Do you have a plan to attract, engage and retain your best talent? How ready are your future leaders to perform at the next level ? Do you know the capabilities that you have now and what you’ll need to achieve your strategy? Talent management is complex which is why all sizes and types of organizations can benefit by turning to experts for guidance. How can we help you?

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What our partner’s say about us……

“As one of Lominger International’s earliest customers who became a Lominger Associate, Lisa has extensive experience with the Leadership Architect® suite of tools from both sides of the table. This experience and perspective coupled with her ability to quickly and accurately assess situations and people make her a valuable resource for any organization looking to build or enhance their talent management processes. She has worked with a broad range of clients and is bright, creative, goal-focused, and honest. She has a down-to-earth business style and the ability to make the complex - easily understandable.”  

- Bob Eichinger, Vice Chairman , KornFerry International and Co-Founder of Lominger International